Articblue Gallery is founded by the artist and independent curator Rose Marie Bellemur and businessman and collector Gustavo Zelaschi. With over 23 years experience in art, founded in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, the third Gallery of Art in February 2012.

Articblue Gallery presents an area of 300m2, where can enjoy the exhibitions and events that develop in the room has a high standard of natural lighting and ventilation complement the technical. The room for temporary exhibitions and permanent collections are consist of a large circulation space.
Our goal is to present and outline the current trends in the contemporary art in Ibiza and Europe.
Our philosophy is to offer avant-garde art of his contemporaries, since only the most successful contemporary art can comment on the period in the establishment and spectators are able to understandand appreciate the art of his own generation with the introduction and orientation Articblue Gallery offers all interested spectators enrich the art market with its offering of the best of visual arts Articblue Gallery is a shopping mall where she studies, research and actively participates in international art fairs evaluated in the continuous submission and to assist in the search for new talents to support the generation of young artists.
The program has all the means of established artists and also emerging as a growing department in the international contemporary photography.
Our philosophy, our friendly atmosphere and a location Ibiza Town makes expansion a meeting place for experts, artists, collectors, students and art buyers, casual even are attracted by the works of art to view.
Every work of art you choose in the Articblue Gallery is an investment in
cultural heritage of tomorrow.

Para consultas de prensa, comunicados de prensa e imágenes, póngase en contacto con la galeria:

+34 971 944 386

ARTICBLUE Gallery acepta envios de portfolios por correo electrónico, pero no puede garantizar una respuesta.
Cualquier material enviado a la galería  será devuelto y por favor pedir cita previa.

Feria de Arte

Los artistas que deseen ser incluidos en nuestros programas de Ferias de Arte Internacional, enviar una carta de presentación y material.


For press inquiries, press releases and images.
Please contact the gallery:

+34 971 944 386

portfolios will accept delivery by email, but can not guarantee a response.
Any material submitted to the gallery will not be returned and please make an appointment.

Art Fair

Artists who wish to be included in our programs of international art fairs, send a cover letter and material.